Embroidery and Screen printing available on all our catalogue



The vast majority of our customers choose embroidery as it is a cost-effective garment decoration solution, particularly for relatively small designs and logos, for example on the front left breast of a garment. Up to fifteen colours can be incorporated into a design at no extra cost. Embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches in the design, not the number of colours, so the bigger and more intricate the embroidery design, the greater the cost. The embroidery could be anything from a simple line of text in a single colour to a complex design; alternatively, we may have a stock design which could be combined with your own choice of text. In addition to the above, we can reproduce your corporate logo or club badge/crest as an embroidery pattern. Please ask us for details.


Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl printing is ideal for printing small quantities of garments. It is now possible to achieve a wide variety of different effects with different materials but this process is only suitable for one or two coloured logos and can be applied to most garments.


Screen Printing and Transfers

Screen printing and transfer application comes into its own when 50 or more items with the same design are required. It is possible to print complex multi coloured designs using this method of decoration and costs are based on the numbers to be printed and the number of colours in the design. The unit cost of a screen printed design reduces as the number of items to be printed increases so for large numbers of items it can be very cost effective. Most items in the catalogue can be printed though there are a few exceptions so please tell us your exact requirements and we will tell you whether or not screen printing is suitable.

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